Feroz Haamid is a Taurian by birth, Graphic designer by learning and
a Music connoisseur by profession.

Feroz Haamid is one of the most enthusiastic artists in Mumbai.  He brings immense oomph and magnetism to every project of
his something that never goes unnoticed. He has been in the industry for 15 years now and is captivating thriving
hearts of the gurus of music. He is been supported by DJs of Mars and followed by I Am Hardwell and many more.

Feroz Haamid started spinning music as an amateur DJ in 2004 by putting mix
tapes in local shops for free and organizing his own gigs in local crowd just to olay out to an audience. Ever since then he is rising
as a valour horse.

Feroz Haamid is a forward thinker, luminary performer; fresh for
all seasons. He has been whirling his music at various events, clubs and college festival.
His music never lets the feet go off the dance floor. His music style roots in electro house, progressive house,
tech house and Bollywood.

Feroz Haamid is one of the never stopping artists in the world with some best Beatport Chart Electro and Progressive House singles like ‘Luner’,
‘Thunder Bird’, ‘Astrolight’, ‘Bouncer’, ‘Agraba’, ‘Evolver’ & ‘Fighter’ supported by many best djs and producers across the globe.

Like him and support him!!!